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Spooky Coolie Dance 12″ Oil Gang Records

Spooky Coolie Dance 12″ Oil Gang Records


“Coolie Joyride” has a bit of history behind it. Long before we released Murderer by Spooky, or Over Capacity on
our second release (before we were even a label) Spooky was best known for the Joyride Riddim. It was late 2005
when that was released, (a proper pirate radio anthem when that still meant something) a crucial interpretation of the
iconic dancehall riddim Joyride. Coolie Joyride (or “Coolie Dance,” as it was known) was basically the sequel, another
harsh blast of dancehall grime in the midst of everything, battered by every grime DJ worth his salt. But it never
came out. Spooky lost the files, the vinyl never happened. A couple of years later, we begged him to find them, he
couldn’t. All we had was a low bitrate mp3 and a load of old sets with it in, taunting us. Without wanting to appropriate
Ruff Sqwad, a white label classic that never was.
Then a couple of months ago, Spooky got in touch, he’d found the parts, rebuilt the beat and sent it over. There it
was, the .wav. So we had to release it.
On the flip there’s another couple of bits of brutality. “Electric Fence” is a nod to the classic Slew Dem sound,
neck-snapping snares and harsh blasts of bass, gunshots, not much else. “Rhythm & Slags Pt.2” is a sequel of sorts to
the Darq E Freaker tune on our Quadrant release, Spooky tearing fragments of it apart and making something else